All ships with large hull are effected by hull stress due to loading or wave loads. Especially critical vessel types are bulk carriers, large tankers, LNG carriers and FPSOs. Also many special purpose ships like research vessels, military craft and heavy-lift vessels work on the edge of their design stress and therefore benefit of hull monitoring.

Our mission is to produce top of the range devices, programs and services to fulfil the demanding requirements of the marine sector. Rouvari Oy has a strong R&D focus in hull monitoring arena and we would like to offer our expertise at your service.

We specialize in high-tech measurement products such as:

HULLMOS® Hull Stress Monitoring

ICEMON® Ice Impact Load Monitoring

HULLMOS® LNG Sloshing Load Monitoring

We also offer specially tailored solutions for various problem-solving cases. Our top of the range systems meet rules of the main classification societies and to increase efficiency they can be integrated with many other systems on board.

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"Without hull monitoring there is no facts available on actual strains the vessel is experiencing. In heavy weather without hull monitoring optimum speed and course can only be estimated".