Practical and reliable Instrument for
Strain Monitoring and Measurement

HULLMOSŪStrainFighter offers a low cost alternative for measuring structural strain e.g. hull stress on board a ship. This latest addition to HULLMOSŪ product family is based on the same technology as HULLMOSŪ Hull Stress Monitoring System.

HULLMOSŪStrainFighter is designed to solve different measurement problems. The system can be installed on all types of ships and large variety of other structures.

HULLMOSŪStrainFighter comprises a central unit and selected number of SFSG-type sensors placed on critical locations of the structure. By connecting a laptop or personal computer to the system the measured values can be viewed graphically and analysed. The audible alarm in central unit indicates high stress values.

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HULLMOSŪ - Strainfighter