HULLMOS Sloshing Monitoring provides
valuable data for safe sea transport

On LNG carriers the membrane and insulation boxes in the tanks need protection against sloshing induced loads. To monitor the loads we have developed a measuring concept, which can be used to put threshold values based on research done by GTT and different classification societies.

The system is implemented in connection with HULLMOSŪ Hull Monitoring System. The integrated systems provide prediction, warning, measurement and assistance to the crew in real time and additionally the system collects valuable data for evaluation afterwards.

Due to increased size and loading capacity of LNG carriers, reliable measurement of sloshing induced loads on tank structures is needed. Sloshing and sloshing impact loads cannot be accurately estimated with computational models or calculations due to unpredictable motions of the fluid in tank. Therefore reliable prediction of impact pressures is not possible without measuring the phenomenon in real time.

HULLMOSŪ Sloshing Monitoring System

HULLMOSŪ sloshing monitoring is a three-fold system to provide complete data on sloshing correlated with ship motions and influence on tank structures.
  • Firstly motion analysis predicts the probability for sloshing
  • Acoustic monitoring and accelerometers are utilized
    to detect the sloshing of liquid in the LNG tank
  • Finally the sloshing loads are measured with strain gauges
    in terms of impact pressure on a rigid wall behind the insulation

    Typical configuration of sloshing monitoring includes a motion measurement unit or an accelerometer at the stern and at the bow. Additionally six or seven strain sensor-panels and one acoustic sensor are installed on the structures of each tank for detection and measurement of sloshing impacts on tank walls. The central unit on the bridge serves as user interface. It analyses the signals and loggs the data for further analysis.

    To view the HULLMOS Sloshing Monitoring brochure in PDF-format, click here (224 KB).

    For more information please contact us and we will design together with you the system configuration up to your requirements.
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