ICEMON system configuration

Ice Impact Monitoring System ICEMON is often integrated with HULLMOS
Hull Monitoring System to offer the vessel total protection.

Ice-induced loads, pressures and stresses are measured with strain gauges formed into instrumented panels. The panels are located on the critical areas
of the ship bow. Other hull areas are then covered by using mathematical extrapolation methods. The system provides the ship's crew in real time information on the level of ice loads and it warns if the risk of structural damage caused by ship-ice interaction is increased.

Principle of instrumented panel:

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ICEMON Ice Impact Load Monitoring System

The aim of the ice impact load monitoring is to measure the load on the structure and the structural response as strain or stress in the ship hull while navigating in ice. The system monitors the measured values in relation to ice-condition and vessel speed against stated threshold values to warn the operator, when the load level is too high or is approaching towards high values.

Additionally ICEMON software records ice loads and structural response experienced for further analysis.