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HULLMOSŪ - Hull Stress Monitoring System

System configuration

HULLMOSŪ measures relative deformation, strain (stress) in the hull due to loading (still water strain) and due to waves (dynamic strain). The measured stress is analysed in a distributed way inside the sensors. The results are transmitted to the bridge to be further analysed, datalogged and displayed to the bridge personel to assist the navigation. The personel will be alarmed if design stresses are to be exceeded.


HULLMOSŪ is an integrated platform for strain, fatigue and motion monitoring. Sensors for strain and fatigue are either SBSG (Short Base Strain Gauge, 100mm) or LBSG (Long Base Strain Gauge, 1700mm).

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Hull Stress Monitoring System HULLMOSŪ is primarily developed to protect the ship hull and to minimise risks for hull failures. The system can be utilized as an operational tool providing warning, predictions and assistance to the crew in real time. As a running recorder HULLMOSŪ software saves the operational lifetime of the vessel, which can be used for wide range of analyses and investifations.
Without hull monitoring there is no facts available on actual strains the vessel is experiencing. In heavy weather without hull monitoring optimum speed and course can only be estimated. Loading manual if properly followed offers good protection. Hull monitoring gives a warning in real time if deviation from intended loading sequence occurs or if loading is causing danger to the ship structure.