Fibre optical solution brings about versatile advantages. Data transfer with high capacity and low signal loss per unit distance makes possible great distances without the use of repeaters.

Summary of main benefits
  • Multiplexing
  • Signal integrity
  • Electrical immunity

    Cables are small in physical size and possess great resistance to electromagnetic interference. Due to non-conductive property it can be used where electrical isolation is needed. Fibre Optics cause no threat in explosive hazardos environments.

    Basic HULLMOSŪ Fibre Optical System consists of 4 LBSG(F) stress senors with Fibre Bragg Grating sensing units, Interrogator and Central Unit with PC for User Interface, Interface to ship systems, data analysis and data logging.
    See example of configuration in the picture above.

    With fibre optic sensors large scale of different kinds of measuring systems for structural analysis and monitoring can be realised e.g.
  • Ice Impact Load Monitoring
  • LNG Sloshing Monitoring

    Our technology partner in Fibre Optic is Smartfibres Ltd in UK
  • HULLMOSŪ structural monitoring is available also in Fibre Optical version. Fibre Optical System is highly beneficial in many different types of vessels e.g. those having large explosion hazardous areas like CO-carriers or LNG-carriers. Fibre optical solution is also recommended for projects, which require vast cabling arrangements.
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