HULLMOS® is the only hull monitoring sytem offering new small size fully sealed SBSG sensortype. In our traditional LBSG sensor, compared to others on the market, all the exposed metal parts are of stainless steel, AISI 316

The Hull Strain Monitoring offers considerable
new advantages:

  • The system acts as a running recorder through which the shipowners can follow the handling of the ship and so prolong the operational lifetime of the ship.

  • Enables the crew to operate the vessel more cautiously.
    Especially on large vessels where it is impossible to feel the hull strain by human sense.

  • Promotes the safety of vessel, cargo, passengers and crew by reducing hull strain and increasing the life of the hull.

  • Reduced need for hull repairs saves expenses and reduces the risk of damaging the cargo.

  • Statistical data provided by the system is useful for ship designers, shipyards, shipping companies and ship classification societies.

  • The data gathered can be used for estimating the fatigue life of the hull of the vessel and designing new vessels.

  • Provided data can be used for planning ship maintenance, repairs and classifications.

  • Implementation of the system can enable lighter constructions and can reduce insurance costs.

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